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Proverbs about Truth

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• Praise and truth are revealed slowly. (Ethiopia)

• Truth is the daughter of time. (Germany)

• A half truth is a whole lie. (Yiddish)

• It may be true what some say; it must be true what all say. (Scotland)

Scottish Proverbs

• Many a true word is spoken in jest. (England)

• A true jest is no jest. (Scotland)

• Better a lie which heals than a truth which wounds. (Czech Republic)

• To tell the truth is dangerous, to listen to it is annoying. (Denmark)

• In vino veritas. (Latin) [Meaning: In wine, (there is the) truth.]

• Wine and children speak the truth. (Romania)

• Proverbs are so called because they are proved. (Italy)

• Stones decay; words last. (Samoa)

• A lie stands upon one leg, but the truth upon two. (England)

Wise & Wacky Proverbs: The Truth Behind Everyday Sayings

• Right church, wrong pew. (USA)

• The exception proves the rule. (England)

• A true word is not beautiful and a beautiful word is not true. (Japan)

• Mad folks and proverbs reveal many truths. (USA)