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Proverbs about Hard Times

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• Adversity comes with instruction in its hand. (Wales)

• If God breaks your leg, He will teach you how to limp. (Ghana)

• Don't start economizing when you're down to your last dollar. (USA)

• Economy itself is a great income. (Latin)

• 'Thank you' won't pay the fiddler. (Scotland)

Proverbs of Success

• The best things in life are free. (USA)

• Bed is the poor person's opera. (Egypt)

• Don't hold the dime so near your face that you can't see the dollar. (USA)

• A quick nickel is better than a slow dollar. (USA)

• A quick sixpence is better than a slow shilling. (England)

• You can't get dollars by pinching nickels. (USA)

• Learn to handle a writing-brush, and you'll nver handle a begging-bowl. (China)

• Ability is the poor person's wealth. (USA)

• Poverty is the sixth sense. (Germany)

Select Proverbs Of All Nations: Wise Sayings And Maxims Of The Ancient Fathers, And The Economy Of Human Life (1854)

• The beauty of a loan is repayment. (Russia)

• At the bottom of the bag one finds the bill. (Netherlands)

• Take a second look, it costs nothing. (China)

• It is not economical to go to bed early to save candles if the result is twins. (China)